K500 - Crankshaft p...

K500 - Crankshaft problems  


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29/12/2010 2:11 am  

Needs help from you folks. Here is the case:

I have just mounted an overhauled aichner glitenlagerung crankshaft in my K500. Tonight I started the engine and it did run really great..but only a while..because when I push the cluch the engine begins to work harder, like something is wrong (when you push the clutch the engine should run easylier, not harder).

I desmantled the gearboks of the engine and did notice this: When I did push the end of the crankshaft forwards in the engine, and synchcronously turned on the flywheel, I very well could notice that the engine did brake/decelerate. It might be the flywheel that touch the housing (not 100% shure). But why??? Why does the crankshaft seem to be to much forward in the engine?
Somebody here that recognice this problem???

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